However, we will ask you to postpone your appointment if
• you or your family members and / or housemates have proven corona or have been placed in home isolation
• you have been cured of corona for less than 2 weeks and you or your household contacts have corona symptoms, colds, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath and / or fever> 38 degrees
• you or your household contacts are in home insulation
• you live in a nursing home or institution for people with intellectual disabilities

In case of emergency complaints, we will refer you to a corona center for acute oral care.

Additional rules of conduct in our practice
• Be on time, not too early
• Come alone as much as possible, without unnecessary company
• We take more time for clients so that you meet as few people as possible
• Do not enter until the agreed time
• Wash your hands / use the available disinfection in the treatment room
• Touch as little furniture, counter, chairs and door handles as possible

Clean Room Policy
• Respect the 1.5 meter appointment
• The toilet is not available in Covid-19 time
• You will receive all folders digitally
• You will receive treatment plans and budgets digitally
• You will receive referrals digitally


  • We have sufficient protective equipment
  • We clean according to guidelines RIVM / WIP
  • We wear face shields
  • We ventilate to the maximum
  • You will receive a rinse aid for treatment


  • We work with a triage system
  • We ask every client the same questions
  • We assess whether we can provide you with the appropriate service
  • We refer you to the Corona Acute Oral Care Center if necessary

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We are members of The Royal Dutch Dental Association (KNMT).

Our health professionals are registered in the Dutch BIG register (Dutch Individual Health Care Professions Act).

Our dental hygienists are registered in the Quality Register Dental Hygienists (KRM).