The Team

Rogier has specialized in the aesthetic aspect of dentistry during his studies. In addition, he followed a clinical internship in Pediatric Dentistry during his master. For Rogier, delivering high quality is of paramount importance. Just like working in a familiar and pleasant atmosphere at the dental chair.

Michiel Hentenaar has been working at Van de Veer dentists in the Zuidas since 1 September 2018 as a trainee dentist. After succesfully completing his studies in law, Michiel was finally able to enroll at ACTA in 2012 to realize his big dream. He will finish his studies very soon now and will be fully BIG registered dentist at that moment.

As a little boy, I often saw how my mother could actually help people in her work as a dentist and how her patients always walked out the door with a radiant smile. That is why I decided to follow my heart a few years ago and follow in the footsteps of my mother. A logical career switch followed.

Denise works part-time at dental practice Van de Veer on the Zuidas while studying for dental assistant. She is very happy that she has been given the opportunity to develop her dental skills at the heart of a dynamic business district, where high demands are made on quality and punctuality.

I am currently halfway through my studies at the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam. Because of my passion and love for the dental profession, I started this year as a dental assistant in this beautiful practice of Van de Veer dentists at the Zuidas. A practice where I really enjoy working  within a very professional and nice team. Anxious patients I like to put at ease by offering the right mental support.

Daniëlle has been working at the Zuidas for almost 15 years. At that time she saw the Zuidas grow into a beautiful, dynamic area. An area that by now has almost evolved into a real city. After 13 years of hospitality, she decided to say goodbye to her work as a hostess in the restaurant industry and chosed the oral and dental care field.

Mariam is a dental assistant at Van de Veer dentists at the Zuidas. She follows this study at the ROCVA in Amsterdam West.

In November 2013 Valerie (V.C.) Westendorp started working at Van de Veer Dentists at the Zuidas as a dental assistant. After graduating at the ACTA in the summer of 2017 she has been working for us as a dentist. Valerie is BIG registered with number 69922658202.

practice owner

Ilse (I.C.) van de Veer completed the study of Dentistry at the Academic Centre for Dentistry in Amsterdam (ACTA) in 2009. She did an internship in the field of Prosthodontics at Columbia University in New York and wrote a thesis about the differences between extensive treatment plans in the Netherlands and North America. Ilse is BIG registered with number 69912406802.

Sandra Willemstein completed the MDGO training for dental assistants in The Hague (1994-1996) before graduating as a dental hygienist at the ACTA in Amsterdam (1999). Since November 2013 Sandra works as a dental hygienist at Van de Veer Dentists at the Zuidas.

We are members of The Royal Dutch Dental Association (KNMT).

Our health professionals are registered in the Dutch BIG register (Dutch Individual Health Care Professions Act).

We are members of The Royal Dutch Dental Association (KNMT).